The 65.3 Million People Displaced Worldwide In 2015 Was 5.8 Million Higher Than The Previous Year.

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Seth Kaper-Dale, the pastor of the church. And then what we make goes right back to the families that we are helping every day. The United Nations reported in June that on average 24 people were forced to flee their homes each minute in 2015 because of conflict, persecution, violence or human rights violations a rate that is four times more than a decade ago and that represents 34,000 people a day. The 65.3 million people displaced worldwide in 2015 was 5.8 million higher than the previous year. By the end of 2015, according to the report titled Global Trends, about 3.2 million people were waiting for a decision on their application for asylum and 107,100 refugees were admitted for resettlement to different countries. The United States, the report says, accepted the highest number of refugees at 66,500. New Jersey received 370 refugees from October 2015 through the end of July, according to figures provided by the U.S. State Department. Of that number, 194 were from Syria, 53 from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 22 from Afghanistan, 17 from Iraq and 14 from Cuba. The Reformed Church of Highland Park, which a few years ago served as a sanctuary for Indonesian Christian immigrants under deportation orders, launched the cafe in April after a previous eatery that operated out of the building closed. The cafes goal is to raise money and support the immigration and refugee initiatives of the church and its partners. So far, Kaper-Dale said, the cafe has raised $8,000 and since November has helped 16 refugees resettle in the community.

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